The Spy Hunter, Part III

From the mission brief:

Operation CHASTISE – Strategic Aims
Subvert NybbleComms’ next missile test, replacing the inert test warhead with a live one and targeting the BATCAVE. The net effect will be the physical destruction of SIBHOD, and the discrediting of arch-rival NybbleComms as a business competitor for allowing a test firing to go so badly wrong… 

Yellow Sun Heavy Industries have been playing catchup ever since Donald Burgess was recruited by the Sinister Icy Black Hand Of Death. Now, at last, a chance has arisen to strike decisively and put an end to Yellow Sun’s two biggest threats. Do you have the skills to carry out the mission successfully? Click here to find out!


Sponsor Alec! I hope you have fun with these challenges; I certainly have fun creating them. If you were wondering how you could possibly say “thankyou”, I’m running the 2012 Brighton Half Marathon in aid of Help for Heroes – please sponsor me if you can by clicking the link to the right:

Alec Waters is responsible for all things security at Dataline Software, and can be emailed at

4 Responses to “The Spy Hunter, Part III”

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  2. Just a suggestion, but one should try solving this whilst listening to Comsat by Carbon Based Lifeforms 🙂

  3. […] picking through the responses to the latest Spy Hunter challenge I stumbled over some interesting behaviour when using whois to query various kinds of IPv6 […]

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