Information Escapology, part three – Clippy’s Revenge

In the Good Old Days, the clipboard was a simple thing. Highlight some text, copy, paste it somewhere else. These days it’s a little more comprehensive – if you copy some text, there’s a good chance that the text’s attributes will get copied as well. This may or may not be of consequence, depending on where you paste it.

I came across an email recently where the sender had copied two cells from Excel and pasted them into Outlook along with a question. The stuff pasted from Excel looked like this, all nicely formatted in a table, just as if it were two cells in a spreadsheet:

Policy 6gX1 All business units MUST implement Policy 6gX1

It doesn’t tell me much about the super-secret Policy 6gX1, but the clipboard has preserved the Hyperlink properties of the first cell. Ignoring the fact that WordPress has knackered the link (don’t bother clicking it), here is what it actually was:

<a href=”file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/″>Policy 6gX1</a>

What can we tell from this:

  • The sender is using Windows XP/Server 2003 or below, belied by the “Documents and Settings” folder
  • The sender’s Windows logon account is called
  • Policy 6gX1 is related somehow to Project Rattlesnake
  • They’re using a later version of Excel (xlsx extension vs. xls)
  • “Project Rattlesnake verysecret.xlsx” is in the IE cache directory, indicating that it’s available for download somewhere
  • “Project Rattlesnake versyecret.xlsx” has a sheet in it called “Guidance Notes”
  • The “Guidance Notes” sheet is quite large, because the link refers to cell AB23.

Not entirely earthshattering information, but something like this could just provide a social engineer with enough additional context and terminology to establish a credible pretext.

Take care with the clipboard; who knows when Clippy will exact his vengeance!

Alec Waters is responsible for all things security at Dataline Software, and can be emailed at alec.waters(at)

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